95 thoughts on “A wet start to the day

  1. It was drizzling in Chrompet this morning, but it has stopped now. It appears it is going to be another cloudy day

  2. As on 5 30

    Mangalore,Panaji,Mumbai – 5cm
    Ratnagiri -8cm
    Kozhikode – 1cm 😦
    Cuddalore,Belgaum,Pune – 2cm
    Nellore – 1cm

    Kochi,Trivandrum,Bangalore traces and pondichery 11cm??? .. enna koduma sir ithu 😦

  3. Lets’ focus on what is in store for Chennai. We all know that rains are battering the western coast of the country.

  4. Chennai Weather Prediction

    43 mm from 17th to 20th with a Maximum of 30mm on 18th

    35 mm from 16th to 19th with a Maximum of 25mm on 17th

  5. Mumbai Heavy Rains with High Tide
    Heavy rains coupled with strong winds lashed Mumbai and its suburbs on Wednesday, disrupting air and rail traffic and leading to water logging in many areas. The city received 60.77 mm , Colaba in south Mumbai received 78.6 mm and suburban Santacruz received 95.0 mm, the MET department said.

    The BMC has alerted a high tide of 4.70 metres at 1521 hours on Wednesday.“Any tide above 4.5 metres is coupled with heavy rains and is a matter of concern.

    On July 26, 2005, Mumbai saw unprecedented floods as 944 mm of rainfall coincided with a 4.48 m tide.

  6. Went outside to check the real feel of the temperature. It is not like 41 degrees.

    Quite nice with gentle breeze out there. Far better than yesterday!

  7. If we go by heat Index then current temperature is 31C and Wind is blowing at 8Kms and humidity is around 68% then we will feel like 38C 😆

    Imagine how will be the heat index inside the house with temperature around 30C, fan speed around 40kms and humidity will be around 80%. We will feel more heat it shoud be atleast 40C. Then why we put fan at all? I can’t understand the logic of heat index 😦

  8. Will India ever learn from past experiences?

    We should learn from Oman.

    Super cyclone did a lot of damage to their country couple of years ago. They spent billions of dollars on new infrastructure and when Severe cyclone Phet came, they didn’t care about it.

    Zero damage.

  9. But Mumbai got more rains than Oman. This is happening every year so it is not an excuse for Mumbai or for India 😦

  10. TN toppers from 1.1.10 to 16.6.10
    Valparai (Coimbatore dt) – 82 cm
    Chinna Kallar (Coimbatore dt) 72 cm
    Pechiparai (Kanyakumari dt) – 71 cm
    Kuzhithurai (Kanyakumari dt) – 58 cm
    Devala (Nilgiris dt) – 56 cm
    Thalli (Krishnagiri dt) – 43 cm
    Kodaikanal (Dindigul dt)– 42 cm
    Thuckalay (Kanyakumari dt) – 42 cm
    Boothapandi (Kanyakumari dt) – 38 cm
    Ketti (Nilgiris dt) – 36 cm

  11. hey i am waiting for many days to share weather comments with u all,and i am frm vijayawada and i donno why andhra and tamilnadu east coast are unable to receive good rains in sw monsoon?

  12. and frankly saying after CYCLONE LAILA we didnt witness any heavy rain and i donno why vijayawada receives horrible rains in north east monsoon

  13. but lanina article says flooding like rains for andhra and tamilnadu coast in july lets see what will happen

  14. Hi radhakrishna.. welcome to the blog… Western Ghats is the one and only enemy of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.. they block all the moisture laden monsoon clouds and dump all rains to Kerala,Karnataka coasts and its windward side leaving our states high and dry 😦

  15. ya karthik narayan and we get rains only if theres depression and i just hate western ghats.even though karnataka gets abundant water from southwest monsoon which gives heavy rains to them when compared to us,they still are bloody selfish people blocking dams and water.they r really selfish,what do u thnk?

  16. i dont mean all karnataka people sorry for all again the politicians,even though i am telugu i just love chennai and even my chitthi lives in chennai and i feel much ecstacy and utmost happy to talk with u infact i visit this website min 2 times a day after coming frm college

  17. hey u r all lucky chennai is better than vijayawada 100 times,its seviere in vjwada it always touches 38 degrees and always hot and humid and except when it rains

  18. hi pradeep john i am scary as i am thinking there is no one online and very happy that theres no water prob and any assumption for another LAILA?any cyclone formation for us likely?so that we get rains.and IF THERE HAVE NT BEEN LAILA WE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD NOW

  19. but i can say that LAILA SHOWED ITS POWER MOST IN CHENNAI AND ITS HORRIBLE IN ONGOLE(55 CMS) BUT ITS NT THAT POWERFUL AS SUPER CYCLONE 1990 ANDHRAPRADESH CYCLONE,which u discussed during laila that chennai received horrible rains from that 1990 cyclone and can anyone of u remember NISHA CYCLONE AND KHAIMUKH CYCLONE?

  20. and if srisailam dam levels are good and if andhra receives good rains its very good for chennai as telugu ganga project brings water to chennai frm srisailam dam and hey i thnk u all know october 2009 andhra floods and srisailam dam was flooded and predicted to break and is there flooding even in poondi reservoir?

  21. @RadhaKrishna I dont knw if Karnataka are selfish ppl… My mother tongue is telugu.. I lived in chennai for 19 years.. now working in Bangalore… ppl are very sweet… kannadigas respond nicely in Tamil/telugu in whichever language we ask the info for…

    And regarding the dams.. i feel we would do the same if we were in that end.. a solution i could think is centralising the dams as they did the mines and power stations…

  22. All we (TN & AP) could hope for is heavy heavy rains in

    Bhagamandala(For Kaveri)
    Agumbe/Kottigehara (For Tunghabadra)

  23. yes karthik narayan u r true good and bad exists everywhere and i too hope for good rains and i told nt all karnataka people,i know what they did for hogennakkal and thank god GODAVARI IS NT FLOWING THROUGH KARNATAKA,IF IT FLOWS ITS BETTER TO DIE ok lets hope for good rains

  24. u know even maharashtra is going bad with godavari as they illegally built babli dam and so the only solution is we should get rains frm bay of bengal thats solve

  25. godavari used to be full those days but not now but hey but from 5 days its said in local telugu news paper that 6lakh cusecs of water was added to godavari due to that depression that was dissipated few days ago and hey can u remember 1990 andhra pradesh cyclone?and is poondi flooded during andhra floods in october 2009?

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