174 thoughts on “More rains for today

  1. sat image looks very good…………but still we are not getting any rains………………….why is that so

  2. theseclouds are not moving at all. At 5 am there were in the same place. Only difference is it has become bigger.

    The clouds were 75 km east of chennai at 5 am and it is still 75 km east

  3. Clouds very near reaching the coast North of Chennai. But 30mins old picture 😦 IMD updates every 30mins or 1 hour?

  4. Surface rainfall intensity at 02:42 shows rain after 70kms east of Chennai that too only blue colour,

    Max Z says around 36dbZ just around 50kms from Chennai at 02.32 UTC.

    Does that mean 36dbZ is no rain at all?

  5. Then why there is no surface rainfall for over 70kms? MaxZ & Plan position indicator shows some colours but no surface rainfall?

    Is that clouds are able to give that much rain but it is not falling?

  6. Tat s radar limit use max z its better now rains at 30 k east comin from sw (radar) its gonna be prolonged rains ther s no gaps

  7. No rain is possible…..full day the it wil be cloudy………hardly few drizzles r possible………….Monsoon is beginning to gain strength over arabian sea………….so lot of moisture incursion takes place from BOB.Ther r high chances that bangalore may recieve rainfall from today midnight………

  8. BBC – 95B may come close to crossing near south AP; The low to be formed over Arabian sea may cross the west coast near Goa..

  9. IMD Chennai – have u totally forgotten the 1996 battering chennai received – YEA RAJ must be a follower of Ramanan


    IMD DELHI has even updated their Chennai records to 70cm for the month and 35cm in 24 hrs

    Y.E.A.Raj, Deputy Director General of Meteorology, Chennai, said rarely does the city receive rain in early June. The last time it happened was in 1991, when on June 5 Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam recorded 18 cm and 13 cm respectively. During the 24-hour period ending 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam registered 15 mm and 24 mm of rainfall respectively.

    The observatories registered a rainfall of 3 mm and 2 mm respectively between 8.30 a.m. and 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday.

    This month, Nungambakkam registered 43 mm of rainfall and Meenambakkam 56 mm, exceeding the average of 8 mm and 13 mm respectively during this period, he said.


  10. i missed the june 96 rains by a day. I was flying in from london and the BA flight could not land in Chennai due to cyclone. the pilot took us to Mumbai. We spent a night day and came to chennai the next day.

    We also had to attend a wedding in ambur the day we arrived. We quickly went home, packed and left again. The roads were flooded, there was no electricity either.

  11. the unexpected show for Chennai from SWM in d form of 95B getting over..its AP’s turn today..the SWM giants in d west to rock frm nxt week..Goa, Mumbai,Gujarat….hope Chennai stays atleast overcast so dat temps dont go up immediately..

  12. IMD

    Monsoon flow over Arabian Sea, south peninsular India and Bay of Bengal is likely to intensify during next 2-3 days

  13. That patch has increased in size but still north east of Chennai 😦 I am not able to see in which direction clouds are moving 😦

  14. Thre is a person who posts by the name ……

    He has been accurate.

    yesterday at 1:18 pm

    Not much of rain possible friends…….This mild showers would even stop by today evening…..the low level circulation would not even turn to be a low because of the wind shear

    and today at 9:45 am

    No rain is possible…..full day the it wil be cloudy………hardly few drizzles r possible………….Monsoon is beginning to gain strength over arabian sea………….so lot of moisture incursion takes place from BOB.Ther r high chances that bangalore may recieve rainfall from today midnight………

  15. Friends almost 70% of cloud mass is near s andhra…….as predicted by gfs it has crossed the east coast…….all through today will be a cloudy one…….from tomo or mostly from tomo afternoon the sun would be at its peak

  16. Now 30% of those clouds have skipped Chennai and now crossing between Chennai & Ongole. But there is another cloud group coming. Lets see what it does.

  17. Posted wrongly. 30% of clouds already crossed north of Chennai below Ongle. Most of them are at South Andhra coast. But new cloud group is below Chennai and let us hope it gives us rain.

  18. we hav already got more than something out of this system..the second group may weaken before reaching us..its slightly warm outside..

  19. Thunderjove but one doubt. If the swirl centre is North of us then also we will see clouds moving from North to South like now.

    But as you said if this patch of clouds itself is a victim in the swirl then the centre may be in south.

  20. The bob system and the one to be formed in Arabian sea are going to favour SWM much by pulling it into many parts of the country..

  21. Kea and jon,

    Are we expecting this rain bcos of any potential system intensifying or just rain for tonite alone?

  22. I think the only way chennai can receive rains in another 12hrs is because of some tstorm activity, theres no threatening clouds in bay atleast for now

  23. The system which skipped us and went to Nellore seems to have nearly crossed the coast and its size also have got reduced. But what happend to the mass of clouds which was following it?

  24. Maximum in June would be around 39 twice or thrice and nearly 20 mm of rainfall more expected this month

  25. IMD predicting something or other all the time. But do they come true? I have seen that if they say it will rain, then it won’t.

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