48 thoughts on “City receives first rains of the month

  1. hi………..heavy rain,lightning with gusty winds from 4:30am still there is drizzling now…….here in minjur….

  2. Im in adambakkam now..n no big differencein the wetness of roads till airport….oly early morning rains n minambakkam too…no nigt rain..it has rained uniformly 1mm everywer!!

  3. moderate rainfall in bangalore through out the night.. from 12:00 uptil 5:30 in the morning… light drizzles after that until 8.. completely overcast skies currently.. that moisture from over kerala the cause..

  4. Cyclone Phet hit Oman’s coast on Friday killing two people including an Indian and halting the oil and gas production. When Cyclone Phet made the landfall winds gusting up to 200 kilometers an hour and massive floods hit the region.

    Heavy rains and strong winds knocked down electric poles and kept oil tankers away from Oman’s al-Fahl port.

    Oman’s liquefied Natural Gas factory was closed as a preventive measure. People have been asked to stay indoors till the cyclone moves away.

    Dry river banks filled up with the water that came down from the mountains and Omani authorities fear that the river banks will continue to rise.

    Cyclone Phet, which is now moving towards the northeast off the coast of Oman, has turned deadly despite being downgraded to a category one storm.

    Gujurat’s coastal district have been put on a high alert as Cyclone Phet is likely to head north-eastwards towards Pakistan after hitting Oman coast.

    Met officials say that the Phet laid centred about 950 km west of Naliya in Kutch. Squall winds with speed up to 60 kmph are likely to blow along and off the north Gujurat coast.

    Fishermen have been advised not to venture into the sea for the next two days. The government had already evacuated over 12,000 people from the coastal districts. Six teams of National Disaster Response Force and eight teams of State Reserve Police have been deployed in Saurashtra and Kutch and in Gandhinagar.

    Eight persons have died so far due to affects of the cyclone in Gujarat.

    Monsoon is also likely to revive and gather momentum after the effects of Cyclone Phet subside. The rain-bearing clouds will start to move over India around June 10-12.

  5. It has rained uniformly from Bangalore to vellore with good water logging near kuppam,bangarpet and vaniyambadi… i saw from train

  6. How did eight persons in Gujarat died of Cylone related, when the Phet is no where near it?

    Any idea about the total rain which Phet gave to Oman?

  7. A record 439 mm rainfall was reported in wilayat Sur based on readings taken yesterday, according to the instrumentation and hydrological monitoring of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources.

    In Masira, 117 mm rainfall was registered, and 102 mm in Dima Wa Tayien. In Bidiya, 100 mm was recorded while 61 mm was recorded in wilayat Al Hamra, 55 mm in Amerat and 40 mm in Suwaiq

  8. Despite Phet’s downgrade from a Category 3 to a Category 1 yesterday, the cyclone brought fierce, heavy rains with winds peaking at 138kph.

    The meteorological office said that wind speed was 120kph near Masirah, and the cyclone was expected to move away from Oman, leaving the country relatively unscathed.

  9. monsoon has finally arrived over bangalore… but still only half way… only southern bangalore is under monsoon… not the north as the line passes through 12.0N.. but things are lookin good and everyone’s happy

  10. 2 more days of Phet left before its end. A weakened storm expected to hit cross pakistan coast close to Karachi tomorrow and it will dissipatate by Monday over land

  11. Highest maximum temperature was recorded 52°C in MohenjoDaro

    Record breaking 50°C, temperature in Multan

    · Plain areas remained under the grip of severe heat wave on Thursday

    on May 27th

    Record breaking extreme heat observed in the plain areas of south Punjab while severe heat wave prevailed in plain areas of Sindh and Balochistan as well. Last fifty four years record broken in Multan where 50°C temperature was recorded, before this; 49°C was recorded in 1956.

    Most plain areas of the country remained in the grip of Loo today. Highest maximum temperature was recorded 52.0°C in MohenjoDaro , 51.0°C in Jacobabad,50.5°C in Sukkar and 50.0°C in Larkana, Dadu, Nawabshah and Rahem Yar Khan.

    Previous extreme heat wave conditions were observed in 1998 in the country.

  12. Pasni, Gwadar and other coastal had no electricity due to heavy rains. High tides were also observed in Jiwani waters. 370 mm rain was recorded in Gwadar and 208mm in Jiwani.

  13. Moderate rainfall in Adyar / Besant Nagar too. I hope that these rains would help Chennai stay below 40°C.

  14. Its now down to light drizzle here. Radar image shows some nice cloud build up over Chennai and to the East of Chennai.

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