Super Cyclone Phet expected to re-curve into the Arabian sea with cyclone status

The 2nd landfall for this Super cyclone would be the Sindh-Rajasthan-Gujarat belt. It is shown as regaining most of its intensity before making a second landfall over the north-western tip of Gujarat and adjoining Sindh (Pakistan) on Sunday.

But not all forecasting models believe it will regain its strength.

148 thoughts on “Super Cyclone Phet expected to re-curve into the Arabian sea with cyclone status

  1. Any symptom for rains at Chennai region.

    The rains of few Cms in a single day due to Laila might have not increased the water levels of the bore wells in Chennai and subarban Chennai. Let us hope for summer rains, which will atleast “not deteriorate the water levels”.

    Post any updates on summer rains in Chennai.

  2. No signs of rain in Chennai. It is very hot today. When will the temperature decrease atleast by 2 or 3 degrees? Felt like there was no sea breeze yesterday.

  3. monsoon activity to pick up from tomorrow morning/afternoon along kerala coast and hopefully move into bangalore by 6th or 7th…

  4. Chennai would probably get rains after the 14th of June when the monsoon strengthens over south india.. temperatures would drop by 2-3 degrees @ about 37 until mid july when it would cool down some more…

  5. Bangalore to get between 110 -135mm of rainfall from 4th to 11th June 2010 during the peak of pre monsoon activity and onset of monsoon.. rainfall activity will subside after the 15th of June over bangalore.. and the period from 14th – 26th of June only expected to get around 40mm of rainfall

  6. over 15mm rainfall expected today & tomorrow as well.. with a brief lull for a day before another thundershower & then the onset of the monsoon by monday/tuesday would bring around 60-80mm of rainfall..

  7. looking good today for a heavy shower… thunder cells can already be seen all around the city.. could have showers by 4..

  8. some models showing more than 30mm of rainfall for bangalore today and about 20 mm for the 2 days after that..

  9. every model is showing rain for Chennai till Nagapattinam today n tmrw n even after that also..but nothing is hpng in the east coast..

  10. For the first time in 2010.. IMD has raised rain at MOST places warning for Kerala in its detailed forecast

  11. kea r u sure ur intruments r ri8..chk it out…yesterday chennai’s temp was 39.8…ur site said 37…today its extremely hot n its sayin 35…chk ur instruments..i think for the past tw days its goin wrong!!

  12. It has to rain, otherwise, looks like June will be quite hotter than May. Jon, are you confident that Chennai will start receiving some showers from tmrw?

    So far, BBC’s forecast for thunderstorms in Chennai have proved to be false.

  13. i am not positive about rain in next few days. I think our next rain is after the 15th. June’s total will be about 30-40 mm.

    It will be as hot or hotter than may

  14. Atleast there wil be some signs of rains from tomo.According to me bbc weather not reliable but other forecast models also predicting some rains from tomo

  15. Ya i too expecting some clouds today but no signs til now.sw winds has to change to w or nw to get some storms

  16. RAMACHANDRAN the rain was not few cms it was around 20cms totally. And even bet the record of neibhouring cites which collected small small amount till that time from January πŸ˜†

    But then nothing 😦 Hope we can get some lumpsome πŸ˜€ But normally there won’t be much rain this month.

  17. Becos of LAila thers no water poblem yet ere…last year at the same time the water flow from the borewell was very was like that till early august!!…but this year the problem mi8 not occur at all or may be it wll start during early july if thers no gud rain in june….SALUTE LAILA!!

  18. The very severe cyclonic storm, β€œPHET” over westcentral Arabian Sea moved further northwards, crossed Oman coast near lat. 21.50N between 0530 and 0730 hours IST. It weakened into a severe cyclonic storm and lay centred at 0830 hrs IST of today, 4th June 2010 over coastal Oman near lat. 22.00N and long. 59.50E, about 50 km south of Sur, 950 km west-southwest of Naliya, 850 km southwest of Karachi.

    It is still a vey dangerous storm.

  19. @Omkar by “And even bet the record of neibhouring cites which collected small small amount till that time from January” You mean Bangalore? 😦 If so you are right 😦 but more no. of rainy days is more enjoyable πŸ˜€

  20. What the hell… Bangalore City 30mm yesterday.. It was nothing in my area other than some chill fast breeze and thunder 😦

  21. I was checking radar daily at this time and radar was showing tstorms in kkl everyday but there was no rain there

  22. karthik you stay in marathahalli close to Bangalore AP.. Bangalore AP has recieved only 1.2mm of rainfall

  23. bangalore getting overcast… whitefield – sun still shining through the clouds.. Bangalore AP – mostly cloudy.. Bangalore city – completely overcast, rain any moment..

  24. @Martin I told you na.. nothing came up.. Bangalore AP is 2 km away from my place.. I heard from ppl Bangalore City receives good rains in SWM… Bangalore AP receives good rain in Pre monsoon and NEM.. is it true?

  25. both places get almost equal amounts of rain during monsoon karthik.. monsoon rains are not isolated and rain falls at the same rate & time throughout the city unlike pre monsoon thundershowers.. the only problem with areas near the airport would be the wind which is higher than in rest of the city.. One more commom thing you will hear people say after mid june would be that ‘winds are blowing away the rains’ as there is always a dry phase for bangalore a week or so after onset..

  26. tbm is very easy to locate on the radar..tbm is 12.94n…80.11e… its exactly wer the blue longitude and the middle yellow latitude intersects…so the point wer MDS is marked is most likely..tiruvanmiyur..kottivakkam..

  27. NE monsoon rains are the same as well.. Don’t worry karthik.. you will get to see a lot of rains in the next few weeks.. and i guess today could be your turn for a thunderstorm… lookin good over AP areas..

  28. that thunder cell over bangalore has just grown bigger and has covered most parts of southern bangalore bas a few parts in the east

  29. looks like its goin to get much bigger and cover the whole city… still got time.. its just 3:30.. rains usually start after 4:30

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