Hot and dry end to the hottest week of the year yet

There is going to be no respite to the heat atleast for the next 10-12 days. Temp will soar over 40 for most of the days and even reaching 42. Late afternoon thundershowers cannot be ruled out but chances are very minimal.

36 thoughts on “Hot and dry end to the hottest week of the year yet

  1. Good Rains in Salem, Namakkal dt, Virudhunagar dt and as-usual Kanyakumari dt

    Salem 10 cm, Virudhunagar 6 cm, Kuzhithurai (Kanyakumari dt), Sendamangalam (Namakkal dt), Mangalapuram and Tiruchengode (both Namakkal dt), Sivakasi 3 each, Pechiparai and Thuckalay (both Kanyakumari dt), Rasipuram (Namakkal dt) , Tiruchirapalli Airport, Srivilliputhur (Virudhunagar dt) 2 cm each

  2. TN toppers from 1.1.10 to 29.05.10
    Pechiparai (Kanyakumari dt) – 53 cm
    Kuzhithurai (Kanyakumari dt) – 48 cm
    Thalli (Krishnagiri dt) – 38 cm
    Thuckalay (Kanyakumari dt) – 33 cm
    Kodaikanal (Dindigul dt)– 33 cm
    Boothapandi (Kanyakumari dt) – 31 cm
    Andipatti (Theni dt) – 27 cm

    India toppers from 1.1.10 to 29.05.10
    Cherrapunji 481 cm
    Silchar 153 cm
    Passighat 146 cm
    Dibrugarh 118 cm
    Itanagar 106 cm
    Dhubri 104 cm
    Gangtok 103 cm
    North Lakhimpur 95 cm
    Coochbehar 82 cm
    Guwahati 77 cm
    Lengpui 75 cm

  3. cyclone Phet likely to form later next week in Arabian Sea. But its expected to move in a north west direction probably towards Oman.

    Not sure what affect will this have on the SWM which is expected to set in Kerela on May 30th




  5. Heavy rain lashes Kanyakumari district

    Nagercoil: Normal life was thrown out of gear following heavy rains, which lashed various parts of the district on Saturday.

    The low lying areas were flooded with rain water particularly the passengers from Vadaserry and Anna bus stand were put to untold hardship.

    The water level in Pechipparai dam stood at 24.10 feet, 27.40 feet in Perunchani, 3.78 feet in Chittar I and 3.80 feet in Chittar II.

  6. Cyclone “Phet” to rob the monsoon system

    Cyclone “Phet” might strengthen rapidly and move away, robbing the monsoon system of much of its energy, denying the mainland any significant precipitation.

    The Indian monsoon is the hottest topic among international weather experts, who do not seem to accept India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) onset forecast at its face value.

    The full-scale onset of monsoon would have to wait until June 10, to time with the arrival of the next convective (wet or rain-generating) phase of a Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) wave that travels periodically from west to east.The MJO wave has a major role in precipitating a copy-book onset as distinct from a ‘false onset,’ which is likely to unravel around the timeline fixed by the IMD.

    The onset, at best, would be transient and may not last longer than a couple of days.

    This is because the ‘low’ might strengthen rapidly and move away, robbing the monsoon system of much of its energy, denying the mainland any significant precipitation.

    In fact, these scientists see the system developing as an intense cyclone (to be named ‘Phet’) and moving initially West-Northwest and away in a near replication of Super Cyclone ‘Gonu’ of 2007.

    Gujarat for landfall?

    Unlike in the Bay of Bengal, June is known for the strong cyclones in the Arabian Sea. Several factors, including warm waters and longer stay in the seas, may help strengthen the system many times over.

    The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) continues to consider the south-west Gujarat coast as likely a target for landfall as the Oman coast on the other side, depending on the arrival of a westerly trough from across the border and dipping in.

    One expert told Business Line on condition of anonymity that the ‘onset’ phase as signalled by the IMD may end sooner than later, under the double whammy of the rogue Arabian Sea cyclone and a ‘dry’ MJO phase.

  7. Temperatures drop after dust storm, rain in Punjab, Haryana

    People in Punjab, Chandigarh and parts of Haryana reeling under intense heat conditions for the past three weeks finally got respite with moderate rains lashing the region.

    While dust storm hit the union territory, Punjab and a few other areas of Haryana were lashed by rains yesterday, the MET department said here today

    The night temperatures, too, which had been hovering over 30 deg C, also came down considerably today. Chandigarh registered a minimum of 25.2 deg C, Karnal had a low of 28 deg C, Hisar recorded a low of 28.2 deg C, while the minimum at Amritsar settled at 24.1 deg C Ludhiana recorded a low of 21.6 deg C

  8. When can we expect the temperature to drop below 37 degrees in Chennai? Today the heat is slightly better than yesterday. But still the heat is on….Can any one answer this please

  9. True it’s below 37 now. but when will the Weather in Chennai continue to record 35- 37 degrees on a daily basis?

  10. Guru,

    From the past trend i can easily say that chennai will record a few 40’s in June/July and even in August.
    Temperature will come down to 35 to 36 only if there is a thundershower.But again the heat will pick up and haul the temp to near 38 or 39.
    As the Southwest monsoon gets into full swing in the west coast Chennai’s heat will become unbearable as the humidity in the city will be high and the heat will still be around 38.
    Only in September the temp can come down but only marginally to about 36.Even in September Chennai is know to host a few 38’s or 39’s.
    For us the only relief comes in October.
    So got to wait till October for the rains to set in

  11. chennai took revenge on me yesterday.. was 10 hours outside from 9 to 7 and i got baked 😦 but a remarkable feature s the evening sea breeze..dats very soothing

  12. Heavy rain lashes Kanyakumari district
    Pechiparai (Kanyakumari dt) 6 cm Kuzhithurai and Thuckalay (both Kanyakumari dt) 1cm each

    These 3 stations are getting rains daily and from January 1st they have got

    Pechiparai (Kanyakumari dt) – 59 cm
    Kuzhithurai (Kanyakumari dt) – 49 cm
    Thuckalay (Kanyakumari dt) – 34 cm

  13. Heavy huge T storms near Bangalore AP.. second innings is going on now after the evening shower 🙂 🙂

  14. Train traffic affected from chennai egmore to south bound trains due to heavy tstorms over villupuram and power break down

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