88 thoughts on “City records first 40 C day of the year

  1. Thanks Karthik for your response to my question on the SWM.
    But for Chennai the North East Monsoon is very erratic.. It is not a very reliable monsoon as the rainfall pattern varies significantly from year to year unlike the SWM which proves to be more reliable.

  2. Elevation of areas in n around chennai –

    Guindy – 15m
    Tambaram – 31m
    Velachery – 13m
    Adambakkam – 7m
    Saidapet – 11m
    T Nagar – 13m
    Nungambakkam – 14m
    Sripembudur – 36m

  3. Elevation of areas in Bangalore 😀 😀

    Bangalore City(Majestic) 903m
    Bangalore Cantt.929m
    Bangalore East 915m
    Baiyyappanahali 913m
    Krishnarajapuram 909m
    Whitefield 875m
    Yelahanka 913m
    Anekal 911m
    Belandur 875m
    Banaswadi 915m

  4. s kea…may be becoz of very less humidity i feel a bit pleasant n very pleasant winds blowing from NW ere…

  5. Baroda-9.30 AM- for the first time in recent months, passing clouds, windy.!!! Wishing for some respite from heat…!?

  6. Hi all Tenth results are out.. and our blog genius Karthik has got a whopping 478/500!!!!


  7. SWM is not gonna start well it luks!!…not much rain in kerala!!…chennai sure gonna burn in june!1

  8. mr.hu…i think u confused chennai with china….nobody is following china weather ere :)..this is chennai not china!…btw guangzhou is gonna host the asian games 2010 ri8?..is the cricket stadium ready??

  9. np maaaan..i liv in Chennai..XVI Asiad will b held frm Nov 12-27..largest Asian Games ever!..and..”is the cricket stadium ready”..wat does dat mean???!!! a sport???

  10. mr.Hu give us free tickets….bt u live in chn n u dono cricket.?..LOL!…i heard cricket is included in 2010 asiad

  11. Congrats!!! KARTHIK RAGHAVAN
    KARTHIK RAGHAVAN S A ( Matriculation – 890441 )
    LANGUAGE 089
    ENGLISH 093
    MATHS 098
    SCIENCE ( Theory + Practical ) ( 198 + 100 ) 100
    HIST & GEO. 098
    TOTAL 0478
    CLASS 1
    Super Brilliant Guy!! Keep it up.

  12. Karthik,

    Reached 39. We should reach 40 again today.

    We have been 1 C more than yesterday all thru the day.

    Any idea why is it soo windy? Wind run already into 90’s

  13. the weather channel desktop..i downloaded it two years bak…the temp reading comes in my desktop..

  14. The humidity has been very less right from the morning today and i remember it went down to as low as 22 a couple of years back.. Does anyone have any idea abt the lowest humidity ever recorded in our Humid Chennai??

  15. Indian cyclone contribution-

    Agni – fire
    Akash – sky
    Bijli – electricity
    Jal – water
    Leher – wave
    Megh – cloud
    Sagar – ocean
    Vayu – wind

  16. Usually chennai gets atleast 1 heavy thunderstorm in May..

    and this time though there may be some 20cm in May’s account.. NONE of it was from thunder storms.. so hoping there would be a thunderstorm on saturday 🙂 🙂 [That is when i am coming to chennai 🙂 🙂 ]

  17. Laila is given by pakistan….n our favorite sweety nisha give by bonglodesh!!….see chennaiites be friendly with pakistan n bangladesh! 🙂

  18. @ramesh,

    SWly wind n hotter weather…a few vlr district storms mi8 reach us…this is chennai in swm

  19. SWM xpress derailed midway in lanka..will have to get up from der soon…it set in early in southern lanka..but it has died down now it seems!!..

  20. actually the swm sets in in keral n TN at the same time…but TN is unlucky…no western ghats n chennai wud be pleasant from june 1!!…unfortunate!!

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