102 thoughts on “dry spell ends at 113 days, 5 days short of record

  1. Heavy rains in dindugal disrupts rail services to chennai from south t.n.rained heavily all over t.n

  2. Really glad to note that the dry spell has come to an end. Will be in Chennai tomorrow. Expecting a slightly cooler weather hopefully.

    Bangalore is terribly cool today morning.

  3. All thanks to north south trough. The cloud over west central and south TN moved this way hence this rain. All pl have an eye of the movement of the clouds and the Doppler image to calculate the rain fall.

  4. 24hrs Rainfall ending 8.30am at 01.05.10

    Chennai – 9.4 mm
    Chennai(Airport) – 10.2mm
    Bangalore – 25.6 mm

    cuddalore – 36
    Kairakal – 81
    Kochi – 66
    Naggapatnam – 84

  5. 1.05.10
    Tondi-14, Karaikal & Nagapattinam-8 each, Puducherry & Cochin-7 each, Dharmapuri & Kodaikanal-6 each, Palayankottai-5, Kottayam & Cuddalore-4 each, Gangtok, Dhubri, Tiruchirapalli, Tuticorin, Bangalore-3 each, Adiramapattinam & Salem-2 each and Chennai, Coimbatore & Silchar-1 each.

  6. TN toppers from 1.1.10 to 30.4.10
    Pechiparai – 28 cm
    Kodaikanal – 27 cm
    Valparai – 22 cm
    Kuzhithurai – 18 cm
    Tondi – 18 cm
    Uthagamandalam – 17 cm

    (with available data IMD publishes)

  7. Pradeep from next ten days.. Valparai and Devala will smash others like anything 🙂


    For next 24 hours:

    The sky conditions may be generally cloudy. Shower or thundershower may occur towards evening or night. Maximum temperature will be around 30 degree Celsius.

    For next 48 hours:

    The sky conditions may be generally cloudy. Shower or thundershower may occur towards evening or night. Maximum temperature will be around 32 degree Celsius.

    IMD saying Chennai’s max will be 30 tomorrow and 32 on Monday. Can anyone believe in what they say?

  9. Lot of convection bubbling around the area in southwest Arabian sea.Some probability of development there.

  10. Narayan,

    I dont think so…. Pechiparai gets good rain in May

    After a lull its pouring in North East ….

    Guwahati records 81.9 mm

  11. Bangladesh Highest and Lowest Rainfall

    Sylhet records an average rainfall of 508 cm
    Rajshahi records the lowest rainfall of 140 cm

  12. TN toppers from 1.1.10 to 2.5.10
    Pechiparai – 29 cm
    Kodaikanal – 29 cm
    Valparai – 22 cm
    Kuzhithurai – 19 cm
    Tondi – 18 cm
    Uthagamandalam – 17 cm

    (with available data IMD publishes)

  13. India toppers from 1.1.10 to 2.5.2010
    Cherrapunji 355 cm
    Passighat 98 cm
    Silchar 90 cm
    Dibrugarh 79 cm
    Itanagar 75 cm
    Gangtok 74 cm
    North Lakhimpur 62 cm

  14. Good morning guys.. Sun news says a strange light was seen in the sky of chennai between 10 pm to 10.30 pm last night. What do u guys think abt it? A comet or a meteor? Sounds interesting to me.

  15. Thanjavur
    Thanjavur recorded the maximum of 130 mm of rainfall followed by Grand Anicut which recorded 65.4 mm. Rainfall recorded at various places till 8 a.m. on Saturday (in mm):

    Thirukattupalli 62, Tiruvarur 54.2, Papanasam 28.2, Kumbakonam 12, Valangaiman 32, Kodavasal 18.6, Nannilam 10.3, Lower Anicut 25, Needamangalam 34.2, Neyvasal Thenpathi 35, Mannargudi 37.4, Thiruthuraipoondi 44.6, Tiruvarur 31.4, Peravurani 42.8, Orathanadu 25.6 and Budalur 50.8.


  16. Ramanathapuram
    Manamadurai received the highest rainfall in the district. It registered 93 mm followed by Sivaganga at 88.2 mm.

    Thirubuvanam and Karaikudi recorded 60 mm and 43 mm.

    Ilayangudi and Devakottai registered 18 and 13 mm respectively during the last 24 hours that ended at 8.30 a.m. on Saturday.


  17. Dindigul
    Water level in Periyar dam rose marginally to 109.9 feet. Inflow was 174 cusecs and the discharge nil.

    Storage was 895 mcft. Inflow into Vaigai dam has been steadily increasing, thanks to torrential showers in the dam site. The dam recorded 47 mm rain, highest rainfall in the district.

    Storage level in the dam went up to 29.79 feet on Saturday (29.46 feet on Friday), due to an inflow of 204 cusecs. Storage was 360 mcft. The discharge was 41 cusecs.

    Rainfall recorded at various places in both districts at 8 a.m. on Friday in mm: Periyar 6, Thekkadi 1.8, Goodalur 2.8, Uthamapalayam 6, Shanmuga River Dam 2, Vaigai dam 47 and Veerpandi 32, Dindigul 42.2, Natham 57, Nilakottai 156.2, Palayam 12, Oddanchatram 24.5, Vedasandur 38.5, Vedasandur Tobacco Research Station 45.2, Kodaikanal 62.2 and Kodaikanal Boat Club 90.5.


  18. The frequency of cyclones
    The frequency of cyclones in coastal Orissa is more. The state deals with a cyclone every 1.3 years, while the corresponding frequency of cyclones visiting Andhra Pradesh is 1.8 and Bengal and Tamil Nadu are 2.4 years.

  19. karthik narayan,

    dont tell me you didnt know that. We have not even touched 40, in fact not even crossed 37. We have a long summer ahead hopefully ending by 15th june

  20. No kea.. i was expecting chennai to be lik May 2004 this time.. it dint cross 38 that year 🙂

  21. imd was right… cyclonic circulation lies over TN… good thunder cells near Delta districts

  22. Chennai : Shiny object sighted

  23. If this situation continues.. its dangerous.. unless and until theres a heat wave.. SWM is goin to collpase

  24. TN toppers from 1.1.10 to 4.5.10
    Pechiparai – 32 cm
    Kodaikanal – 29 cm
    Valparai – 23 cm
    Kuzhithurai – 21 cm
    Boothapandi – 20 cm

    (with available data IMD publishes)

  25. India toppers from 1.1.10 to 4.5.2010
    Cherrapunji 357 cm
    Passighat 106 cm
    Silchar 94 cm
    Dibrugarh 80 cm
    Itanagar 76 cm
    Gangtok 74 cm
    North Lakhimpur 62 cm

  26. This weather would continue for another 2 weeks.. temperature would not exceed 38 or 39 until after the 20th.. So we would need to manage severe heat for 2 months after that as we would get decent rains only after the 15th of July. Also Khatri probably only in June for about 20 days..

  27. cyclonic circulation over TN & BOB along with trough to persist for another 5 days to a week which would ensure that temp’s stay in check

  28. Mr. Narayanan.. These temps will do nothing for the approaching monsoon.. it will not affect it in any way.. The bay temperatures are where they need to be and only getting warmer.. the Indian ocean di pole is in a neutral phase and would turn negative during july & august so nothing to worry about there. wind directions are changing as required & moisture is beginning to cross the equator.. all signs of an approaching healthy monsoon wind.. So we are on track to recieve normall to above normal rainfall this SW monsoon season except for the month of July during which high speed easterlies might blow away moisture from the east coast of the southern peninsula

  29. Heavy rains with strong winds lashed Nagapattinam at 6:30 AM today; Trichy district received very heavy showers yday night!

  30. one more thing i forgot to mention yesterday is that we are still waiting for our pre monsoon low to form in the bay.. it is a yearly phenomenon but has not happened yet.. The arrival of the monsoon is expected around the 20th of May over Andaman.. So the low can form anytime from today uptil the 19th of May.. We could get light rainfall from this low.. as most rain would be concentrated over southern tip of penninsula

  31. The low will form in Bay on May 10..it will develop into a strong cyclonic system and will move towards Orissa/West Bengal and cross the coast around May 15.

  32. very doubtful arnold.. I feel the low will at most turn into a depression.. it will form somewhere around south central, south west BOB.. near the Andhra coast and then move down brushing the coast and would lay centred at the southern tip for a couple of days before it picks up a little strength & moves west across the gulf of mannar and over to kerala & the arabian sea..

  33. Agni taking over

    Chennai – Temperature at 38.9°C at 1:52pm and still rising.

    This is the highest temperature recorded till date this year

    It seems we will cross 39 if this rate continues

  34. Karthik Narayan

    The highest maximum temperature of 47.4°C has been recorded at Sriganganagar (Rajasthan).

  35. 05-05-10
    Tirukoilur (Villupuram dt) recorded a heavy rainfall of 10 Centimetres.

    Uthiramerur (Kanchipuram dt), Samayapuram (Thiruchirapalli dt), Thiruchirapalli and Rajampet (Cuddapah dt) 5 each, Sirkali (Nagapattinam dt), Chengam and Sathanur Dam (both Thiruvannamalai dt), Alangayam and Vaniyambadi (both Vellore dt) and Marungapuri (Thiruchirapalli dt) 4 each, Ramakrishnapet (Thiruvallur dt), Tiruttani, Thiruvarur, Arani (Thiruvannamalai dt), Penugondapuram (Krishnagiri dt), Ketti (Nilgiris dt), Karaikal and Thiruchirapalli airport 3 each,

  36. Arnold,

    There will not be any cyclone before 15th…
    Utmost there will be a LPA around 20-22nd

  37. India toppers from 1.1.10 to 5.5.2010
    Cherrapunji 358 cm
    Passighat 106 cm
    Silchar 94 cm
    Dibrugarh 80 cm
    Itanagar 76 cm
    Gangtok 76 cm
    Agartala 69 cm
    North Lakhimpur 62 cm

  38. Is Bollinger not good enough to be in AUS XI for the world cup? He was not selected in the first team, then Lee good injured.

    they replaced him with Ryan Harris. i think aussies dont watch IPL

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