April is here, so is summer. Dry phase continues.



We have had 89 days without rain*. Last rain was on 8th Jan.

18.2.07 15.6.07 117
2.2.02 16.5.02 103
6.1.01 14.4.01 98
8.1.10 7.4.10 89
27.1.04 7.4.04 71

180 thoughts on “April is here, so is summer. Dry phase continues.

  1. Karthik,

    Regarding 2.5 mm as minimum for a rain day.

    This will be very difficult to calculate. I have kept 2 mm as its easier. Moreover I do not have records earlierthan 2006 and I had to depend on IMD. IMD reports rain only in whole numbers and that too from 8 – 8.

    Its impossible to get an accurate figure. This is just approximate. I do not think its going to make much of a difference.

  2. The scenario of May and June has started in April itself

    Minimum Temperature of Chennai > Maximum Temperature of Bangalore

  3. after a cool februaru..2010 march is the hottest march in six years..as far as records are available..

  4. VERY HOT DAY..luks like we will break 42.8..only rain can save us!!!



    Why did you think we would break 42.8 today? We were a long way off from that target.

  5. kea its real hot ere..the land is burning like in may…lets see wats the temp for mina tomoro..add 2 to it..thats tbms temp..

  6. Humidity level is low compared to yesterday so its somewhat pleasent but its now starting to rise.we may be in for a sultry night…

  7. From 01.03.2010

    Cherrapunji 105 cm rainfall 827% above normal
    Silchar 44 cm rainfall 277% above normal
    Passighat 35 cm rainfall 214% above normal

  8. i was their in saligramam..i was unusually very pleasant…and as i crooseed AP i saw the temp reading their..todays max was 38.2 in mina..i felt so..but temp is dipping today and no humidity..

  9. Weekly
    Chief amounts of rainfall recorded in centimetres are:

    28.03.10: Pechipparai (Kanyakumari) 3, Kundha (Nilgiris) 2, Ketty (Nilgiris),Periyanaickampalayam (Coimbatore), and Ootacamund (Nilgiris) 1 each.

    29.03.10: Ootacamund (Nilgiris) 2 and Ketty (Nilgiris) 1.

    30.03.10: Devala (Nilgiris) 3, Ketty (Nilgiris) and Kodaikanal 2 each.

    31.03.10: Kuzhithurai (Kanyakumari) 6, Erode 5, Valparai and Sankarankoil (Tirunelveli) 4 each, Mettur Dam (Salem) and Sholagiri (Krishnagiri) 2 each, and Ootacamund (Nilgiris), Kangeyam (Tiruppur) and Kodaikanal 1 each.

  10. NE states continues to get battered…..

    chera has got 14cm yesterday alone

    From 01.03.2010 to 03.04.2010

    Cherrapunji 119 cm 957% above normal
    Silchar 48 cm 320% above normal
    Passighat 37 cm 228% above normal

  11. Adilabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 44 degree Celsius in the region.

    i think its the highest maximum temperature recorded in the country

  12. IMD has stated there is a possibility of increase in rainfall towards extreme southern peninsula. According to BBC analysis, a easterly wave or trough may cause some scattered rain towards extreme south TN from Southern delta till Cape Comorin.

    Radar Images show scattered clouds over Chennai and 50 Kms radius with some thunder clouds near Salem.

  13. Bangalore Climate – 1999 – 2009
    Month Ave. Max Ave. Min Mean RH Mean Rainfall No of Rain days
    January 27 15.4 15 2.8 1
    February 28.8 17 16 5.2 2
    March 33 19.5 30 8.3 3
    April 34.2 23.1 55 48.7 6
    May 33.1 22.4 68 138.4 9
    June 29.8 21.3 65 94.6 8
    July 29.1 21.1 72 103.2 9
    August 28.4 20.5 70 128.1 8
    September 28.7 20.6 75 203.9 12
    October 28.4 19.8 67 187.4 8
    November 27.3 18.5 54 68.4 6
    December 26.6 16 39 14.3 2
    Total 29.5 19.6 52.16 83.6 6.16

  14. I guess it really is God’s own country.. while the rest of india suffers with heat.. Kerala is pounded with rain

  15. I agree kea… Was in bangalore over the weekend.. was really hot.. but the only difference is the humidity.. even at 28 degrees early in the morning was sweating uncontrollably here in chennai.. but even at 35 u wouldn’t be sweating in bangalore.

  16. and the table i just sent was to show that bangalore has gotten hotter by about a degree or so over the last 10 years.. compared to the 100 year data of IMD. However rainfall has increased in the months of May & September. Also from an average yearly rainfall of 959mm. over the last 10 years this has gone up to 1003mm.. A rise of over 40mm per year..

  17. Gods own country for kerala is definitely an understatement..its pourin in tvprm now…we CURSED IN CHENNAI!!

  18. Accu weather predicts some tstroms in april …

    APRIL 18—-

    Clouds and sun with a strong thunderstorm in the afternoon. Winds from the SSE at 16 km/h.

  19. kea… Bangalore s cool in nights.. i use blankets in the early morning… waiting for the may thunderstorms to set in 🙂

  20. Today morning was quite humid in Bangalore. Surprising to note that people prefer blankets here even during the summer heat!

  21. i was der in bang in may..but i never used a blanket..infact it was uncomfortable to sleep in nigths without a/c der!!..never used a blanket!!

  22. Bangalore bangalore all d time who cares we r in chennai n blr is far superior to che interms of weather n every1 knows too

  23. band of clouds engulfing chennai.. unfortunately it is not precipitable.. but atleast a relief from the sun..

  24. wot??…drizzling in mianambakkam??…its partially sunny ere in tbm and no rain clouds to the east!!..

  25. Cherrapunji is battered before monsoon starts, i think it will reach 300-400 cm

    From 01.03.2010 to 06.04.2010

    Cherrapunji 160 cm 1328% above normal
    Silchar 52 cm 316% above normal
    Passighat 41 cm 260% above normal

  26. @martin

    S martin ..i too smell the wet air plus the NE horizon is reddish ere…unlike the past week today the breeze is little cooll!!..hope some rains come and cool chennai!!

  27. what is up with kerala.. clouds forming out of nowhere, out of nothhing.. jus 2 hours back there was nothing over kerala.. now a huge mass of rain clouds over kerala..

  28. Luks like der has been drizzles 30-40km west of chennai..chengalpet has received some drizzles!!..by seein the imd radar!!

  29. yesterday’s business line said that the easterlies would start getting more arganised from the 6th onwards. This along with the heating of the bay would bring widespread rainfall over most of tamil nadu & kerala from the 9th onwards. However, the heat wave which runs through southern MP, Orissa & parts of Jharkand & rajasthan would begin moving south-eastward and would reach the bay by the 10th when strong easterlies would push it back onto land over Andhra. So I dont know if this is good news or bad news.. I would say that we could get a couple of showers somewhere around 9th or 10th & then v could be staring at a heat wave just in our neighbourhod for a week or so..

  30. My prediction for the next week or 2… 5-10mm of rainfall & i also see chennai touching 40 or even going over 40

  31. All the best guys… I’m off to Bangalore for 2 months on 14th April for thunderstorm season starting on the 21st of April.

  32. @martin

    That report says Hwave to come to bay .not to chennnai!!..and it says SE winds will push it into land that is andhra..no alarming signs for chennai

  33. How do ppl live in adilabad??…its at 44c for the past week!!…its touching 40 ever since feb and i think it will continue till june!!..it may near 50c in may!!

  34. i dont think so there will be any rain in chennai on 8 and 9th…i, livin in tbm can expect a mid/late april tstrom ..that too it will be a weak one!!

  35. Mr Karthik… Chennai borders Andhra… And if they have said Andhra, it is obvious that the surrounding areas will also be affected. But how much is the real question

  36. I dont think there will be rain either.. But I’m jus hoping.. that cos of the strengthening/organisation of the easterly wave that we would atleast get 5 – 10mm

  37. very very pleasant weather in Bangalore.. for cooler weather we have to see the minimum temperature kea which is 5 degrees below chennai 🙂

  38. Akola in Maharashtra which saw a high of 44.3 degrees Celsius being recorded during the 24 hours ending in the morning.

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