41 thoughts on “hot and hotter days ahead

  1. Even though Bangalore is cloudy, it is definitely not cooler in the evenings or during night. Yesterday there was no breeze in the evening around 6 pm and it was quite dry and humid too.

    The only advantage here is that, it doesn’t sweat too much. Bangalore is not spared of the harsh summer this time!

  2. As I told in earlier comment, the big solar flare has reached earth and it is already having effort on high altitudes. More strong flare-ups in forecast. This strong radiation has even surprised NASA people. The reason for the flare is solar coronal mass ejection from Sun spot 1054. Sunspot 1054 has a “beta-gamma” magnetic field that harbours energy for C- and possibly M-class solar flares which will have its effect on earth’s weather.

  3. no mr. karthik, my friends did… and more is on the way.. today & tomorrow.. IMD has also predicted thundershowers in some areas of bangalore..

  4. kea.. its very hard to record thundershowers as they are always localised and cover small areas.. and i haven’t seen thunderstorms in march or april covering large areas in bangalore.. May is the only month where squalls & huge hail storms occur across the city at the same time..

  5. Martin,

    u had predicted thundershowers and cooler weather for bengaluru and Karnataka from end of last week. Now its almost end of a week later and IMD says only TR rainfall in Bengluru since 1st Jan.
    Bengaluru is at 34 C and rest of state is burning at 38 and 39’s.
    As far as I know about Bengaluru weather, dont expect cooler temp until 20th April

  6. i know kea… its not happenin as expected… but i still have hope.. bangalore has to get at least one round of mango showers in march and i’m sure after that it would cool down for a week or so.. before it starts heating up again and then thundershower season starts followed by pre monsoon showers.

  7. i would make one last prediction and hope this one atleast comes true… Another 10 days of dry heat in bangalore.. temperatures could drop by a couple of degrees from the beginning of April.. Although the temperature would show as 32 or 33 it would be a lot cooler than it is now as the humidity & wind would have increased. people living in bangalore would make out the difference.

  8. Yes Martin, you are right. Bangalore is definitely cooler this week when you compare with last week. It was really cool and pleasant today morning. No doubt that Bangalore is always known for pleasant weather!

  9. Shockingly kochi the new IPL team…..if the play 8 matches in kochi in april-may…four will be washed out and the rest will be a 5-10 over game!!….

  10. Kochi’s rain average–

    April – 124mm

    May – 395.7mm(This is more than wat it gets in sep and oct)

    Seriously they must be thinking of transferring some matches to chennai and bangalaore!!!!!!1

  11. Kartik,

    Kochi being an IPL team, does not guarantee it will host its matches.

    Rajasthan does not play in Jaipur (I dont know why)
    Chargers dont play in Hyderabad this year.

  12. Kea,

    No jaipur(Terror threat)

    No hyderabad(Telengana problem)

    Kochi has no such problems except of course the rain..i saw sreesanth speaking to some channel that i love to play for kochi(which is home town),in front of the kochi crowd….but seriously if they play matches in kochi in may ..they will have to do it under an umbrella only..!!!

  13. Not much kea…may be 1cm or so..but this year ipl’s quick becus of t20 world cup..next year ipl will be as usal april-may..definitely they cant play in kochi..obvious option bangalore or chennai

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