216 thoughts on “A Wet End To The Decade Hopefully!

  1. 28th
    Mannarkkad (Palakkad dt) 10 and Kottayam, Kamuthi (Ramanathapuram dt), Bhagamandala (Kodagu dt), Kollegal (Chamrajnagar dt) and Channapatna (Bangalore Rural dt) 7 each.

    The other chief amounts of rainfall recorded in centimetres are:

    Peermade (Idukki dt) 6, Kanjirapalli (Kottayam dt), Virajpet and Somwarpet (both Kodagu dt), Bandipura and Yelandur (both Chamrajnagar dt) 5 each, Vellanikara, Minicoy and Subramanya (Dakshina Kannada dt) 4 each, Mavelikara, Haripad and Chengannur (all Alapuzha dt), Bellatti (Gadag dt), Madikeri, Napoklu (Kodagu dt), Pechipparai (Kanyakumari dt) and Kunda Bridge (Nilgiris dt) 3 each, Perumbavur (Ernakulam dt), Nedumangad (Thiruvananthapuram dt), Kavaratti, Theni, Ketti and Naduvattam (both Nilgiris dt), Dharmasthala (Dakshina Kannada dt), Ron (Gadag dt), Madapura (Kodagu dt), Bangalore 2 each and Vadakara (Kozhikode dt), Ambalavayal (Wynad dt), Chalakudy (Thrissur dt), Aluva (Ernakulam dt), Kayamkulam (Alapuzha dt), Kozha (Kottayam dt), Tiruchendur (Tuticorin dt), Coonoor, Devala and Kothagiri (both Nilgiris dt), Bagalkote, Lakkavalli (Chikmagalur dt), Mysore, Nanjangud and T. Narsipura (both Mysore dt), Nelamangala (Bangalore Rural dt), Santhebennur (Davanagere dt) 1 each.

  2. all the rainfall details are available on the imd site – why are you taking the trouble of typing out all such details. such length statistics

  3. its for the reference, we are maintaing a rain fall table pertaing to key places.

    todays data will be over written tomorrow in IMD’s website

  4. Chennai had slowly moving in to the real winter phase. Today the sky is totally clear with a very few very high clouds. Hardly the impact of sea breeze which signals the westerly winds had overtaken. I feel even any system form over south east bay would only impact southern part of srilanka unless otherwise some dramatic changes takes place within 500/750 KMS from TN Coast.

    Evening chennai gets cool land breeze from west and i presume the minimum might go down less than 21 C.

    IMD might announce the withdrawal of NE monsoon with in 3 days.


  5. mr.suresh is not sure about any rains at all…while at the other end shyaam is foreseeing a very severe cyclonic storm towards TN..!!!…..lets see wat happens at the end of it all….but today is definitely lukin like a winter day..but nature will have other ideas..lets see..

  6. Going by astrological factors, normally north east monsoon winds would operate till April 15th i.e pongal day, the day on which sun moves towards north pole. Sun is a determinator for change of winds. We can conclude astrologically the rainy period can termiante only on Jan 15th.

    The meterology science is also part of glorious astrological science, but it is unfortunate this science is not properly gets its footing – may be due to lack of good experts in that line.


  7. we have to look at it a large. May be out of 20 years, one year could be different. A doctor performs 100 suregeries but not all that 100 he gest the same success. Astro science is also like medical science. One can not be 100 % correct in all 100 issues. Hope Karthi may be satisfied with my reply.

    KEA had stated wet jan. I never deny that. Still Astrologically till Pongal day ( Jan 15th) the NE winds would operate over south india.

    Hope i clarified both the questions.

    Is there any thing else from members,.


  8. Here we r all seeing the end of NEM…in another site…see dis…very generous ppl…

    chennai – from evening & now we have good low cloud formation & movement from east. Temperature has not gone down either

    chennai – the wind is from east & with moisture .. shower alert for chennai after midnight & into early hrs of 29-dec.

  9. dear karthi,

    I totally agree with your observation at chennai. Yes. the clouds are fairly low signals the return of north easterly winds. In fact latest dundee satellite had reflected some low clouds formation close to tamil nadu coast with in 3 hours. it is quite strange. the temperature also did not drop either. If the same trend continues, may be tomorrow morning we can expect some showers or drizzling. let us wait and watch the fun.
    Hope you are satisfied with my astro remarks in my earlier message.


  10. Dear Karthi.

    For 2010 rainy seasons, i am yet to complete my reserarch study on weather. Give me some more time, and you can get a detailed weather forecast before the commencement of rainy season.

    you can also look for my report in star teller published by indian express group eveyr month.

    thanks for the interest.


  11. Yes. karthi, you will get SW monsoon report by April and NE monsoon by September i.e before the start of the core rainy season. Kindly bear with me as i have to complete the other 50 % of study. But i can assure you above average rainfall throughout india for 2010. details later.

    clarify what do you mean by IWR PPL. not clear to me. r u in pondy or chennai.


  12. It is up to you either to believe or disbelieve. No force can be thrusted upon as long you yourself get satsified with concepts. But if you continue to read good articles over the period of time, you would certainly feel astro is a great scinece. I am always adopt green and firm when i send any astro explanations. But if i see materialogical observations, my opinions some time goes in red.


  13. i mentioning “but as of now ur red one moment and green the next..”

    dint mean positive and negative comments….i said that u r changing colors..u say NEM is goin to end within 3 days and ur suddenly sayin to kea….i dont deny we will hav a wet jan….i cant undersatnd wat u think…

  14. Dear karthi.

    around 6 PM position was there may not be any showers. that is why i told in my earlier mail NE monsoon might cease.

    But around 9 PM, sky positon had changed and i could see fairly low clouds.

    My statements purely based on sky tracking from time to time. Of course it is slightly confusing. I should make it a practice to wait for atleast 12 hours to make different statements.

    thanks karthik for your meticulous reading of my statements.


  15. yes. absolutely right. sky based predictions most of the times turns out to bring different results. it is not all the time reliable.

    thanks karthi, i agree with you.

    i hope may be few showers tomorrow going by the latest satellite map of bay.

  16. Hey all,

    Just noticed something strange..in the 2000-09 stats..wenever we have had a gud april..the NEM has been gr8..





    all other years april has been deficient…not even one full cm recorded in the other 8 years..

  17. karhti,

    recheck mar 2008 rain fall figures. is it right??

    confirm this so that i can study it and inform you astro explanations for that.

    normally only if we get a healthy sea based system we would get more than 15 or 20 centimeters of rain fall in feb/march. let me again do a study on this and try to rectify my approach. thanks for the details.

  18. Kathi.

    you see. i am hardly spending Rs. 200 and my precious time of one hour daily to get weather forecasts. SO getting 80 % accurate predictions are more than sufficient for spending a paltry sum of 200 every month.

    Ever year for science and technology government spends crores of rupees, still on many issues we are still lagging far behind and not accurate results.

    so on any aspect astro had an edge over all others.

    i shall get back to you soon on this.


  19. I still beleive it is very much winter cool. I strongly beleive that NEM has come to an end. We cannot take these low clouds into consideration unless they are spread over and with moisture. These are very common low clouds seen even during normal period

  20. Karthi.

    There is a very encouraging news in business line that wet spell would return back to TN by first week of Jan. Probably we may expect record rains in Jan as indicated in the forecast.

    Now chennai is totally clear and in fact with some early morning due. There may not be any big disturbance at least up to 31st December.

    But I could see some weather disturbance east of srilanka and south cental bay of bengal.

    also quite strange both kerala and coastal karnataka receiving some useful showers which could push the anticyclone further north.

    any opinion ??




  22. Forecast for the following week suggested that south-west Bay of Bengal may erupt with activity once again with a likely low-pressure area wheeling in to cross the Chennai-south coastal Andhra Pradesh belt.
    Hindu Business Line

  23. I pray, there should not be any more rains. Myself along with nearly 600 + odd Sky enthusiasts from all over the world including NASA, ESA, ISRO, Kobe Space Club are gathering on 15th Jan 2010 in Rameswaram to see the first Annular Eclipse of the sun in Pamban Island. If it rains and clouds are playing spoil sport, we will be forced to wait another decade to see the spectacle in June 2019 near Salem.

    So, I hope there should not be any rain as we all are meticulously preparing for this event for last 8 months.

    Hope my prayers are answered.

  24. Well, Master Karthik, The totality will be clearly visible in Rameswaram and Jaffna. The shadow path is from Trichinopoly to Cape comorin. In Madura it will be clear and close to near totality as it is near to the epicentre. The sky will get partially dark like a view wearing sun glasses.

    You’ll be needing a No14 Welder’s glass or and Solar filter goggles to see the spectacle, else your eyes will burn. Get a Binocular and mask it with the items I marked to view the eclipse.

    Don’t use X Ray or sun control films to view the sun. Happy viewing. See my post in Astronomy II community in Orkut on the eclipse for more details. You can make use of Stellarium Software a GUI free prog to view the sky without a telescope.

  25. Karthi.

    The lateset dundee satellite had observed huge cloud mass developing over south east bay in 2 big segments. If both conjoins there is a possibility a severe weather disturbance would occur in south east bay with in 24/36 hours.

    Probably we will be in for wet jan. In any case according to me the NE winds would cease only from Jan 15th.

    any counter opinion from members. share your views on this ( jan weather pattern in chennai)


  26. Dear All,

    Is there any latest news on any weather activity in bay of bengal.

    most of the observations from various models indicate chance of wet spell from first of jan.

    some say no rains for 10 days. what is the basis for that prediction.

    any opinion from any one onthis.


  27. Means end of nem near,no rain in our vicinity for next 240hrs according to efs which is less reliable, predict the low pressure further south not even affecting lanka

  28. Confluence of winds in our current scenario would mean that there are going to be some changes in the wind patterns in the next few days.. confluence is where the wind flows parallel to an axis of the current wind flow.. It could mean that warm air is rising quickly along the axis creating the change

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