113 thoughts on “A few odd showers likely

    • karthi,

      the rainfall was quite heavy between 10 PM and 11 Pm yesterday night. possibly chennai KDM would have recorded around 5 to 6 centimeters of rainfall. KEA records around 4 cem.

      There is lot of cloud mass in and around karaikal & pondy east coast. I think this rains might continue for today evening/night also. Already IMD had issued a warning that low pressure lies over TN coast and it would bring some more rains.

  1. Orathanadu 12, Sirkali, Poonamallee and Korattur 8 each.

    wow Korattur which is hardly two kms from my house has got more than double the rainfall compared to Nugambakkam

  2. kea… it was pouring the whole night yesterday upto 3 in the morning and we had one more short spell at 6.. so how come ur site still shows only 0.3mm as rain today

  3. The rainfall for chennai is out.. A land slide difference between city and AP…

    Chennai city – 48mm
    Chennai AP – 7mm

  4. chennais NEM is now at 90cm…this is already excess NEMR…..it is +20% now….NASA is wrong…it had said only normal or just above normal rain is likely in central …north and much of south TN…..excess rain is likely only near the peninsular tip…like kanya thiruva…

  5. Latest satellite picture still shows lot of rain bearing clouds in bay of bengal ( south east of chennai – pondy to nagapattinam belt). We can expect some more heavy showers tonight or early morning as always Low pressure systems can bring good spells during nights.

    I am sending this from Kanchipuram about 70 KMS south west of chennai and even kanchi i could see overcast skies with low clouds passing across this town from north east direction which signifies the fact the cloudiness near coast could be high.

    any other news anywhere for my updation.


  6. the anti cyclone is actually bringing the rain our way… it is supposed to be dry & supress moisture & NE winds… it is suppresssing our easterly wave.. but moisture is building elsewhere & moving towards us.. instead of easterly flows.. it is now south westerly… & we’re gettin rain.. I’d say another couple of days of cloudy overcast weather & then clear skies for a week.. a dry christmas..

  7. many places in tamil nad this year are nearin or have crossed t-purms average of 180cms…its almost like the places of W.B…

    Naga – 189cm

    Mina – 139cm





    parangi-141cm(from oct)

    In fact tvpuram has got less rain than many cities of tamil nadu…


  8. karti.

    what is the latest update in pondy.

    hos the position at chennai.

    i am in kanchi and right now i see moon and starts. the overcast sky one hour back now turns out to be crystal clear blue skies.

  9. AS per IMD pune weather report, there is also an additional trough of low pressure in south east bay of bengal roghtly about 700 to 800 KMS south east of chennai. The other trough lies close to TN coast may merge with this and might bring some more showers from Thursday.

    the members can exchange their views on this.

    Pl.note IMD pune is a reputed observatory and most of its findings can be reliable.

    even the latest satellite picture still show lot of cloud mass in bay of bengal. of course it has to move north west to bring showers.

    may be tomorrow early morning chennai might get a shower or two. so that it can cross 1227 MM for this year, which can be considerd as above average for 2009.


  10. no praddepp…if itrains durin the nite of 31 dec into jan 1 we wiill not know how much it had rained in nite…we have two views rite …8.30 report we will always get from imd…we will know how much it has raine btw.,…12 and 8.30

  11. can anyone tell where to look out rainfall of all the towns in tamilnadu

    i want to know the data for Chinna Kallar, Devala and Orathanadu

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