159 thoughts on “Chance of more rain

  1. heavy rains with high winds lashed parts of southern Chennai for 10 – 15 mins between 4-4:30 am… IMD says a new low has formed in soputheast bay… could be our dec 9th one..

  2. its raining in nagapatinam now… ooof.. athulla sinthunadhu setharnadhu chennaiku vandhu oru 100cm vanthaakooda ok for me at this stage 😦

  3. I think rain not come to chennai bcz there wind is move to south.no cyclone form in north.so the rain is deficit.last year we get 1500mm rain but this year we get only 920mm rain.

  4. where is it raining… here in the south of chennai there’s not even a drop of rainfall… thiruvanmiyur, velachery & perungudi completely dry..

  5. hey it dint rain with big big thunders making even the tables vibrate a?.. u are tellin mod rains… wats the matter.. u were at school?

  6. 1. Name one Indian city in each of the following category,examples are provided for ur guess work : (its according to order of importance in world’s economic system- the list goes from Alpha world city++ to Gamma world city- )
    a) Alpha World City (Seoul,Moscow,Toronto,Kuala lumpur)
    b) Beta World City+ (Melbourne,Los Angeles, Washington, dubai)
    c) Beta world city (Kuwait,Boston,Miami)
    d) Gamma world city + (Panama city,brisbane,Cape town,San jose,Seattle)

    Note: No other Indian cities except these 4 even feature in the entire list and answers are really guessable..

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