215 thoughts on “rains expected this weekend

  1. This time also there is more cloud build up in the comorin area and off the south kerala coast.. Not much in south west bay..

  2. i tried seein where its raining… only cuddalore it says its raiining.. all others includin npt,kochi,Tvpuram just cloudy

  3. oi a normal passin thunder shower in may june would have given that.. i feel its totally vethu… as just now a major system has come to a close

  4. i live near velachery lake… it was a nice sight to see water released from the lake into velachery ccanal…. children swimming in the gushing waters.. and ppl catching fish..

  5. Karthik – I am in bangalore. It is very cloudy and chill winds are blowing here. The real feel now is 23 degrees celsius. The sun is playing hide and seek game here. The weather is excellent.

  6. i think u r lying that u in tambaram 🙂 u seem to be near nagapatinam 😛 always tellin its pouring whereas other areas are so dry…

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