281 thoughts on “Another wet day???

  1. The BBC weather forecast does indicate heavy rains for tonite and tommorrow morning. But after that the rains are seen tapering.
    The JTWC says the low in comorin has already moved inland or atleast it guesse so. Once a system moves inland it diminishes in strength. Looking at the satellite pic too, this system is over southern tamilnadu. Can this ever reach chennai ??

  2. Here in mount only drizzle.latest sat shows clouds forming just south of chennai and its spreading into north hence good sign

  3. Am very much amazed to see so many climate and weather lovers here.. Most of those people whom i have interacted with hardly knew anything about weather or climate.
    But it is nice to see such a website where people share their passion. More so in a city like chennai where Monsoon rains are confined to just 15 days mostly end of october or in November, it is sheer pleasure to watch the rains fall heavy.
    Hmm am very much eager to see a cyclone this time for chennai 😉

  4. i think the low has suppressed …. tat is wat i can see from the sat image…the rains will reduce step by step.what you guys think???

  5. latest position of the low is 9.0N 79.3E. This was at 4:45 am. If i remember correctly it has not moved. Can somebody please check the previous position from the previous post. I am on mobile and that post is too long to load.

  6. I guess we should now wait for the next system to form over the Bay. Might be good if a low forms over sout south east Bay and Moves west North west. Then it would head for chennai..

  7. i think there is heavy rains for us. It should start late afternoon or evening. If you see the sat image there is a huge system south of us. Hopefully it will move north

  8. I get so very possessive when it comes to the North East Monsoon. I feel like it is own very own monsoon. I am OK with Parts of Southern Andra getting its share of the NE monsoon as these areas also remain largely dry during the south west monsoon. But i get so very annoyed when i see NE monsoon rains or Cyclones moving north towards Orissa or Bengal Or for that matter rains moving towards Goa or Mumbai. Those regions already benefit from the South west monsoon. I feel as though NE monsoon rains should be only for us.
    Every time i see a depression or cyclone popping up in the Bay of Bengal ( In NE Monsoon season ) i wish and pray that it tracks west north west towards the Tamilnadu Coast. I get upset when i see the system moving northwards as it has happened quite a few times in the past and hit the orissa or west bengal coast.
    I am not sure how many of you here share similar views ??

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