November could be even worse for Chennai

Can somebody please read the following link and say what it means?

From what I understand, there is a cyclone hitting Gujurat around 10th, GFS agrees to this. Isn’t his very unseasonal? And what do they say about the MJO.

Looking at the latest GFS, not much rain is predicted for Chennai.After 15th, there isnt even any rains. Things are not looking good.


135 thoughts on “November could be even worse for Chennai

  1. good.

    that cyclone will disrupt the monsoon.
    (just like the cyclone in the bay of bengal did to the SW monsoon earlier this year).

    time to start praying for rain.

  2. Guys forget it …even the best november for the last 11 years (2005) was just 60cm… 2005 is the best NE monsoon year for chennai.. wat maximum can we get after november 20 this year…. I have lost all hopes… if it rains 7cm lik october.. get ready to come to streets for water… ( i remember the days in 2003 when i had to get water from street corner to my house for my mom with the tenth public exam the next day) …..the golden era of 4 consecutive exceedingly good monsoons have come to a close.. we have to accept this bitter truth and pray in silence

  3. rain has reached the tip of sri lanka.. movin northwards… very uncharacteristic as winds blow from the north – north east.. but clouds moving in opposite direction… as per current trend south TN will have heavy rain tomorrow and the rest of south india.. south karnataka, kerala, parts of andhra & TN will get heavy rainfall from 4th onwards..

  4. shame on the North east monsoon… september is likely to be the rainiest (86mm) for chennai .. is it?.. really horrible to hear 😦

  5. I beleive that there will be good rains this week.latest gfs shows an easterly trough all along the east coast from tomo onwards

  6. Accu predicting 60 mm until Sunday, while weatherunderground predicts 80 mm. Something is better than nothing, Underground seldom predicts more than Accu.

    IMD predicts gradual increase in rainfall

  7. guys,
    be happy for the next 1 week.. cos i guess the next one week would be the heaviest rainfall during the NE monsoon this year… i guess about 240 – 260mm of rainfall is expected this week.. enjoy

  8. yes… 20 – 30cms of rain this week to 10 days.. we might have another 10cms during the rest of the monsoon.. which will bring us pretty close to the average.. + or – 20% is considered normal..

  9. i wud have been happier prof if u had said chennai wud recieve 550-600mm this week…………………………………………………………………………I’m really waiting for a very heavy spell

  10. tropical storm mirinae still playing with our monsoon.. which is why you see very less cloud build up over BOB, while Indian ocean & arabian sea have plenty of moisture… pray that it vanishes soon so v can have heavier showers during next week & month

  11. no.. i doubt waiting for next year also.. no use.. i’m not expecting anything like 2005 or 2006 atleast for the next 5 years.. unless there’s some miracle

  12. Hey wtf happening see sun tv news thy r flashing heavy rain in chennai for over hour @all update ur areas here in mount had a mild drizzle at 5 now getting very cloudy rain on the way i think

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