No end to dry spell according to GFS forecasts

sorry to start of with the bad news. But gfs module is available until 26th and there is no chance of any rain for chennai for next few days after 26th also. Seems like Nov. is the best bet for onset of north east monsooon.

64 thoughts on “No end to dry spell according to GFS forecasts

  1. So 0 cm in October.. how does that sound guys?.. looks like water is going to get costlier than petrol shortly in chennai 😦

  2. In tambaram that day there was very very heavy intense rain in the afternoon for about three hours or so and that would have itself made it up to 12 to 15cm i think.
    But at the same time there was only drizzle in the city as i spoke with my relatives through phone

  3. Hi all! nice to read all those above posts…
    My predictions are… 65 to 80 in city in NE monsoon, 75 to 85 in AP. Annual Rainfall will be 92 to 107 in city nd in AP 124 to 129.

    I would like like to see wat super sai says to happen..
    My view of heavy rain in last few days of oct will also be true…

    it is very easy for 15 cms to 25 cms in four days once th rains begin…

  4. I love rain,So i love kerala,Rains for 10 months.
    Unfortunately,I am yet to visit kerala in a tourist role,I have gone der as a pilgrim.Of course,to sabarimala when i was so small.

  5. 2












    This is the monthly rainfall stats for 1999. total annual rainfall was 62.5 cm… note that it was a far decent october

  6. btw for the last 45 years, worst october was in 1980… 6cm.. but the good part was dat the november contributed 55cm… december 20cm..

  7. guys, in 1969 total rainfall received till september was 30cm (almost same as 2009)……. guess the total at the end of the year?

  8. Looking at the BBC weather website for S. Asia – – there will be a easterly wave approaching TN by Monday/Tuesday – i.e 26/27 – this might be the first rains of the monsoon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed but generally BBC’s models are pretty accurate.

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