25 thoughts on “another dry week ahead for chennai

  1. I am not ruling out a severe drought in tamil nadu.City might struggle to cross 50cm mark because whenever we have had a bad october a bad november has followed.23cm in november alone is still going to be a struggle.Airport might touch the 70cm mark as it already has 49cm now.

  2. During the SW monsoon season every year there has been more rainfall in the southern and southwestern suburbs of chennai than the city.I can remember many days where tambaram,padappai, airport has recieved heavy rains while city has remained rainless.

  3. I’m sure if the monsoon starts by atleast oct 24 , 25 or 26, in a week’s time ther could be 15 – 25 cms of rain, which will still be lesser than Normal for oct, but not very bad… So that nov and dec could see some descent rains which could add up to atleast 60 – 70 cms i expect… It is normal in chennai to be like this till the 20th of oct of a year, most of the times, but it rains 5 to 12 cms in the first 20 days no matter how dry NE monsoon that year is but the odd thing about thing this year is that it has rained just 0.4mms.. and it looks like the NE monsoon is expected to set unusually late around 24th.. I’m still hopeful that we’ll see a wet last week of OCt…

  4. have you noticed how sunny the days are and the nights have suddenly turned chilly…this worries me, normally this happens only after the rains have ended, but we have had no rains? so does this mean, we wil have no rains at all?
    can someone explain this please?

  5. @ Sujatha

    Yes the nights have considerably cooled down… The temps have come down to 24 degrees in the past three nights, a drop of 3 or more degrees from 27 to 28 which we saw till last week.. But this doesn’t mean that we need to worry that won’t rain at all, because, last year the temp dropped to 20.2 degrees in the first week of nov due to clear night, but in the laast week of nov, in 4 to 5 days we got around 45 cms of rain.. So even after a cool nights, there are high chances of wet spell… And as far as this drop temp drop is concerened, i would say we would almost be in nov in another 10 days, when the temp may go down to 20 to 22 degrees during clear nights, that is the reason why we have the temps dropping, usually during the middle of oct we used to have rains starting and there would hardly be any clear and cloudless days, so we rarely had an oppurtunity to see night temps droppin, now that we are having a delayed start of NE monsoon, we are able to notice this phenomenon i think..

  6. It is not uncommon to have cool weather in october,but yet it is uncommon to have hot and sultry mid days even after the first fortnight of october.

  7. Ya that is true karthik, in the second fortnight of oct, it is uncommon to see temps crossing 33 degrees cel during day time….

  8. Mjo dry phase had been predicted in october thats what exactly happening right now but its going to last till 28th october after that wet phase starting infact very wet phase

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