32 thoughts on “Monsoonal rains might not begin until Nov.

  1. this clearly shows, its been the driest 15 days of October this century. In 2007 rainfall received was 4 mm, but once the monsoon rains started it made up and october total was 275, but a bad november followed.

  2. Rainfall received in first 15 days of oct. is as follows.
    2009 – 0.4 mm
    2008 – 90 mm
    2007 – 4 mm
    2006 – 58 mm
    2005 – 292 mm
    2004 – 35 mm
    2003 – 21 mm
    2002 – 85 mm
    2001 – 233 mm
    2000 – 155 mm

    With no signs of monsoon setting anytime soon, its ot looing good for Chennai. Just for the record least rainfall received in Oct is 149 mm.

  3. The least rainfall of 149mm is only for this decade or is it the least rainfall ever?
    With the monsoon in no mood to set in this year we may have literally no rain this october.Just 0.4mm both in nungambakkam and minambakkam.
    I cannot even dream of minambakkam getting more rains in the months of july,august and september than october.I think minambakkam has got more than 10cm of rain in each of the three months.

  4. Is there any chance of the rains making up in nov-dec-jan?Because even the SW monsoon was stretched until mid october in many parts of india this year

  5. A severe drought situation is in front of us.We had 4 good years nut the fifth one is not so good.Lets hope at least 2010 will repeat 2005.

  6. least ranfall of 149 mm in Cotober is since year 2000. Its all going to change this year though.

    Hopefully we should have a good Nov and December, but no guarantees.

    Does any one know what the let rainfall received in a year and durin Oct – Dec period? Since 2000, it is 723 mm for the year and 311 for the N-E monsoon. I am sure it was worse in 90’s.

  7. This year late july, early august we had signs of water problem in tambaram.But good rains in july,august and september checked it.With no rains now it is very unclear how the situation will turn out.Hope for the best’!!

  8. Blame it on the Chennai Superkings.

    We all know the relationship between cricket in Chennai and rain. Perhaps the weather gods are unhappy that Superkings did not qualify for champions league.

    No cricket to disrupt.

  9. Ask Mr.Krishnamachari Srikanth to hold the first india/aus match in chennai (oct25).It will definitely initiate the monsoon.

  10. I saw a comment above mention India / are you from India ? If you are that would be Super Cool to have cnnections with Weather Observers from the other side of earth. If not I`m Glad to have connections with your blog.

  11. nothing latest about the monsoon. Looks like it will be only in nov. S-W monsoon expected to withdraw from northeast only by 21st.
    Also dont get fooled by sat images and gfs. Last year it was all clear until monsoonal rains started and then it showed up.

    • Hi All… First I appreciate the good job done by KEA… Good to know the updates. I believe the IMD should provide the updates on the NE Monsoon like they do for the SW Monsoon. Hope the rains start soon….

      Do you think Chennai will witness any cyclones this year?

  12. Kea Weather : I now have your Weather Station Linked on My Historical Climate Blog. You have a real Cool Weather Station.
    I`m not real good at metric Math though.
    It is cool having connections with Chennai, India.

  13. @ KEA Weather..
    Driest Rain Facts about Chennai
    The Driest NE Monsoon Rainfall is around 114 mms
    The Driest SW Monsoon Rainfall is around 133 mms
    The Driest annual Rainfall is 46 cms.

    I remember these datas but neither remember the years of occurrence nor from where i got…

  14. Looking at the models, it looks like NE Monsoon will not begin till they system Typhoon Lupit which is in the S. China sea makes it way through VIetnam and then into Bay of Bengal. All the energy is being drawn by this system thereby preventing the onset of the NE monsoon. It is moving at 5 degrees west per day and at this rate some remnants of this will make it to TN by 1st November when the rains would most likely kick off. Till then October as you guys say is going to be rainless.

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