29 thoughts on “No signs of N-E monsoon. Oct 2009 could be one of the driest october’s in history

  1. Seems like 2009 will repeat 2002.City has recieved only 27 cm but Minambakkam has recieved 49 cm till now.Thats good news.

  2. Ya i think its been one of the driest years as far as first nine months are concerned, but we still can hope the situation could improve as the NE monsoon can change any kind of situation in chennai as in 2005 when we had got 46 cms till sep and in oct alone we got 108cms, in NE monsoon of 2005 it went on to break the records to record 211 cms in nungambakkam… the annual rainfall in 2005 of 257 was the highest in over a decade… Lets see whats in store this NE monsoon…

  3. A small correction in my previous post… “the annual rainfall in 2005 of 257 was the highest in over a decade”, its not only highest in a decade, it is also the highest rainfall in over a century….

    • I dont think we will have a strong NE monsoon this year.History says whenever we have early rains that is from about 10 oct we will have a bountiful monsoon.Unfortunately this year there is no signs of the monsoon arriving before 20 oct.Hopefully chennai will recieve at least the average rainfall this monsoon.Lets hope for at least 75 cm this monsoon

  4. A small correction—- I should have said 2009 would repeat 2003 because that year Nungambakkam recorded just 73cm of rainfall.

  5. Heartening to note that Chennai has to wait for just another week for the North East monsoon. Doesn’t really matter even if it is going to rain heavily during the festival of Deepavali. But until it really starts pouring heavily, I will have my fingers crossed praying for bountiful rains this time.

    So how was the weather in Chennai today? Hot, humid or cloudy with winds….

  6. The news that NE monsoon may be here any time in the next 4-5 days is makin me happy… the weather humid today but not very hot as the max temp dipped to 33.6 deg c even though there was not much cloud clover.. There should atleast be a rain of 35cms in the last Fortnight of oct to make things cooler and heavier rain in Nov to cater to the water needs of Chennaiites till next summer…

  7. North East Monsoon should contribute 100cm rain for chennai to stay in the normal range this year.. i dont find this very likely.. unless 2005 repeats itself 😦

  8. NE monsoon not till 23 oct is what all the models are saying.It looks like next summer there be long queues for water in chennai.
    Even today there are winds blowing from the west.Hope the monsoon stretches at least till dec 31.Or we may have one of the worst drought year in this decade or so.The only year this decade where the rain did not even touch 100cm was in 2003 where we had 74cm.First target would be atleast to get near that mark.A very grim situation!!!

  9. The weather forecast for the next 15 days looks like the monsoon has finished and we are into mid december with clear skies and a star studded sky.

  10. But no monsoon with a deficient rainfall record in october has ever managed to cross the normal rainfall mark of 1220mm

  11. A low pressure has formed in the east central bay of bengal.. can any of u say if it could bring in some precipitation to chennai?

  12. I also saw the imd website and immediately checked it up. East central BOB has its boundaries with burma and it is in the same latitude as central andhra. In this season it is likely to move in a north westerly direction,so the first depression of this season will most likely strike north andhra or orissa perhaps.
    But still no report as whether it will strengthen.

  13. What has been the driest october ever in history?
    A fortnight is almost over in october and city has recorded a pathetic 0.5mm of rainfall.I dont remember any october day where it had been as clear as today.Now good cool winds blowing mainly from the east.

  14. yeah i agree, it has been a very dry October this year, at least if it did not rainI wish the heat would come down a bit…it feels like summer has started all over again and rains have completely skipped Chennai this time…when will this dry spell end?

  15. I dont think the low pressure in bay will have any affect on chennai. I still feel we will have a good monsoon. The monsoon will start late around 25th or so. But will make up in November and hopefully continue until late December.

  16. no low pressure formation near andhra or orissa according to GFS,IMD forecasts a feeble low near wb orissa in 3days if it holds true it will further delay rains for chennai by anotner fortnight:(

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